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Natural-born entrepreneur, celebrity trainer, dutiful philanthropist, and Founder/Creator and CEO of the anticipated treadmill-based fitness brand TREADgruv, Christopher Conte, has been a leading authority in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. Now, with his flagship West Coast opening, the veteran fitness expert and former professional dancer/singer/actor is anticipating signs of momentum to increase for his new studio —a revolutionary concept built on his blood, his sweat and his tears, that already has the elite subculture of Los Angeles fitness insiders buzzing.

Fueled by experience and passion, and seemingly void of all fear of constructs, Conte decided to take on the stigma of the traditional treadmill workout head on with the transformative concept behind TREADgruv. Debuting in Studio City, CA, TREADgruv is the first immersive treadmill experience that merges the entertainment industry with the fitness industry for the first time. A self-assessed perfectionist, Conte spent 8 years developing a high-impact, core-challenging cardio exercise using the most-popular cardio machine in the world, while researching the most-effective ways to also make it an enjoyable experience.


A regularly-dreaded gym machine, Conte was inspired and challenged to turn the traditional treadmill workout into a fun, multi-sensory new experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art LED visuals, production lighting and a world-class sound system, Conte developed an intense sweat-burning cardio ride that will guide its participants on an adrenaline high journey unlike any other.


A native of upstate NY, Conte was born in Utica, and fittingly with a work ethic that never took a rest day.

Obsessed with the movement of the human form and aesthetic beauty from a young age, Conte pursued all things design and precision-related, leading him to pursue advanced studies in advertising and design. At the same time, he also began intensive study at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and continued to do so for many years before performing and touring for Tokyo Disneyland, CBS Sony and Toshiba EMI Records. He proceeded in the following years on to multiple music video and commercial appearances as he successfully landed a recording contract in Tokyo, Japan. A natural born performer, Conte continued to extend his experience in the entertainment industry and strategically decided to share a portion of his life journey in his best selling autobiography throughout Japan. Making his way back to the USA, Conte was sent to Los Angeles to work on a studio recording project with A&M Records and recording artist Robbie Nevil.

In 2014 TREADgruv was born. Drawing from his accumulated wealth of knowledge and experiences as a touring performer, Conte developed the trademark method of rhythmic movements that serves as the foundation for the brand today. As expected of a studio with a designer-by-nature at the helm, the sleek and edgy 2,500-square foot studio caters to a clientele who desire a new and exhilarating experience—. A firm
believer that authentic humility is a vital component of lasting success, Conte has only just begun increasing his speed and incline.

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