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What is TREADgruv?

TREADgruv is the first immersive treadmill experience that merges the entertainment industry with the fitness industry for the very first time.    Join us as we guide everyone into a TREADgruv experience, utilizing the traditional treadmill and transporting participants into the middle of a fully produced music festival and show performance. This is the new Disneyland of fitness…   The TREADgruv Experience takes the participants on a journey of “life” as the instructors guide the “audience“ on an emotional ride, leading each person on an exploration through the dark and assisting each person to find the strength as they sweat their way into the bright spiritual light at the end.    TREADgruv seeks to unify through love and acceptance as it brings people together and promotes positivity and health in all forms.   Each 60 minute fun packed cardio experience will be accompanied by heavy cinematic and base-loaded dance beats while an intense visual and light production supports the performative magic surrounding its participants.   Come and get on a treadmill with us and learn the TREADgruv technique. See how we gruv -generating rhythm and utilizing variance- and immerse yourself as we take you on a physical, mental and spiritual journey unlike any other.




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